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Plan Design

As a full-service third party administrator, IBA provides its clients with a comprehensive benefit and administrative solution plan. We have the distinctive ability to partner with the strongest in the areas of pharmacy and prescription drug planning, wellness and care management, medical bill review, and claims repayment and negotiation. We take great pride in working directly with our clients to create a personalized benefits package to fit the needs of the client, the business as a whole, as well as each member.

As healthcare costs continue to rise, it is essential to participate in smart and innovative plan designs. Employers shouldn’t be trapped in a one-size fits all health plan that traditional insurers provide, as well as lack the resources to effectively manage their businesses healthcare costs. For employers who want to take control of their company’s healthcare costs and to be able to customize their own benefits package, look no further than IBA. We provide our clients with the ability to construct a flexible and innovative plan design that caters to their specific business needs.

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