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COBRA Administration

The IRS estimates that over 90% of all employers are out of compliance with COBRA regulations. COBRA penalties can cost your company significant losses of time, money and productivity. It is difficult for any company to maintain compliance with COBRA regulations due to the number of changes made to this law since its inception.

IBA is well-equipped to take on the complexity of COBRA administration. IBA has the expertise and resources to comply fully with all COBRA regulations. We offer COBRA administration that will:

  • Coordinate election activity
  • Acknowledge coverage activity
  • Bill, collect and remit premiums to the employer
  • Process returned checks
  • Verify timeliness of payments
  • Verify continued COBRA eligibility
  • Coordinate rate change notification
  • Answer COBRA inquiries on behalf of beneficiaries and employers
  • Maintain statutory documentation
  • Provide monthly reports
  • Provide HIPAA certificates of creditable coverage
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