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Pharmacy Solutions

The pharmacy industry faces both current and future challenges, especially as prescription drugs cost continue to rise. Today, 96% of prescription drug costs are attributed to chronic and complex conditions, and Specialty drugs are the fastest growling line item for total drug spending.

In order to combat these costs, employers must participate in a pharmacy benefit management service that helps reduce total healthcare costs and improves members’ health.

This is why IBA has partnered with CVS Caremark, the largest purchaser of prescription drugs in the United States, to offer a unique and flexible pharmacy benefits package that can provide the deepest discounts possible for our clients.

CVS Caremark’s expertise in the TPA industry allows them to accommodate our diverse client base, develop innovative solutions, offer market-competitive pricing, and provide high quality service to all of our clients and members. Because of their size and reputation in the industry, they are able to negotiate the most favorable prices for our clients.

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IBA provides cost effective pharmacy solutions for your members as well. This often overlooked health plan cost is one that must be managed correctly. We can assist our clients by helping them select a solution that maximizes their cost savings. Some of these methods include:

  • Network discounts
  • Generic utilization programs
  • Mail order pharmacy services
  • Custom retail programs
  • Formulary drug program and management
  • Detailed reporting