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IBA Premium Care

Health and wellness solutions that allow you to take control of your family’s budget to make your healthcare dollars go farther. The Premium Care Products plan cover you and your immediate family* members.

The Premium Care Products plan provides you and your family with access to 24/7 Telemedicine, Doctor eConsultations, Patient Advocacy and discounted Vitamins and Supplements.

Benefit Summary

24 Hr. Physician Consultations

  • 24/7 Access to U.S. Board-Certified Physicians for your family. Speak to a doctor anytime, anywhere!
  • Convenient, affordable health care offers peace of mind for your family
  • Speak with a doctor in minutes
  • Save time while avoiding germ-filled waiting rooms
  • No Application, No Denials and No Pre-existing Condition Exclusions
  • No out of pocket cost to you
  • Not available in AR or WA
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  • Direct email and online access to medical professionals
  • Personal answers from:
    • physicians
    • psychologists
    • pharmacists
    • dietitians
    • dentist
    • and more!
  • Weekly Health Tips written by physicians and delivered right to your email
  • Healthy Lifestyle Assessment to help you monitor your current health status
  • There is no consultation fees to use, unlimited, confidential, and cover the entire immediate family

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Patient Advocacy

Patient Advocacy When you contact Access Patient Advocacy, you will be assigned a personal Patient Advocate to do the legwork for you to help eliminate the hassles and frustrations typically encountered when dealing with the healthcare system, cutting through the red-tape and effectively solving problems for you. Patient Advocacy offers you the confidence that you have a strong and knowledgeable advocate on your side.

Access Patient Advocacy gives you an array of value-added services by providing assistance with:

  • Negotiating lower prices or payment schedules on hospital, doctor and other medical bills, saving you considerable time and money
  • Assisting in finding hard to reach specialists, critical illness providers and medical institutions, and coordination of medical record transfers
  • Solving billing and related administrative issues
  • Accessing community resources

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Vitamins and Supplement Savings

This benefit offers an online discount on natural vitamins, nutritional supplements, and bath and personal care products. Members can choose from 3,500 products and save 15% at check out.

Shop by product (Healthy Lifestyle, Vitamins & Minerals, Bath & Personal Care, and Healthy Pets), shop by condition (Eye Health Support, Blood Sugar Support, Mood Support, and more), or shop by brand name.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle products from Enzymatic Therapy, Aubrey, NOW, Nature’s Way Nature Works, Life Extension, Optimum Nutrition and Source Naturals. From amino acids to herbs, antioxidants to bee products, get what you need with a click of a button.

Vitamins & Minerals

Feel better physically. Feel sharper mentally. Combat the effects of stress. From Vitamins A & D to Vitamin B-12, our vitamins and minerals can help you achieve optimal health. We have natural vitamins and minerals from NOW, Nature’s Way, Enzymatic Therapy, Nature Works, Source Naturals, and Life Extension.

Bath & Personal Care

Pamper yourself with these bath and personal care products—from the finest soaps and facial cleansers to natural deodorants and the ultimate firming body lotion.

Health Fit Pets

You take great care of yourself, but what about your furry friend? Now is the time to treat Fido, Tweety and Fluffy to the finest in pet care. Shop here for natural and organic immune system boosters. We carry the full Amber Technology line.

* Immediate family members are defined as a spouse or domestic partner, children up to the age of 26, parents living in the household over age 60 and any other IRS Dependents.
Plan not available in FL and WA. THIS IS NOT INSURANCE. IBA is not responsible for medical advice given by providers, and services provided by IBA are not intended to replace care by a personal physician.