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Introducing Better Health

IBA is excited to introduce our clients a health management program that focuses on preventive wellness and a disease management solution. Each customer strategy is designed to create 85% plus engagement through convenience programs that are delivered online, to your mobile device or in person. Better health is motivated through physician based risk identification, online wellness planning, fun social competition, personal wellness coaching and physical integrated decease management plans.

What is Prevention Cloud?

Prevention Cloud is a powerful technology which allows employees to connect the way they prefer while giving HR real-time information. Each individual's path to a heather lifestyle is supported through programs which drive recommended visits with their personal physician, optometrist and dentist. Using social interactions, fun challenges, HD media, incentive tracking and fitness device integration, you can e sure your employees will be engaged.

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For more information contact Janelle Napoleon at janelle@ibatpa.com or (516) 739-1060 ext. 115